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Vapor Wake EDC Featured on CBS2 New York

November 08, 2010

Vapor Wake, the most advanced technology in explosive detection canine services, was featured on CBS-TV News at 11 PM EST on Monday night, November 8th in the New York metropolitan viewing area. T&M Protection Resources is the first and only private security firm to offer Vapor Wake Explosive Detection Canine Services.

Vapor Wake explosive detection technology enables specially-trained canines to detect airborne odors emitted by explosive materials that are worn or carried in the manner of a suicide bomber. This unique and innovative approach is currently being used by the U.S. Capitol Police, the Federal Protective Service and Amtrak Police. 

Vapor Wake technology is revolutionary compared to traditional canine explosive detection services since a canine trained in Vapor Wake does not need to be pointed (or directed) to a person or stationary object, such as a vehicle or luggage, in order to detect explosive material. This capability, coupled with T&M’s already highly-regarded Explosive Detection Canine Services, can provide T&M’s clients with the most highly skilled bomb dog teams in the industry to protect life and property from the threat of explosives.

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