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Cyber Identity Theft & Impersonation

June 01, 2011

Recently, T&M has been responding to an increasing number of private clients suffering from cyber identity theft and impersonation.  In all cases, the internet was being used to post unauthorized, incorrect and/or malicious content relating to an individual, and in select cases entire personal profiles were fraudulently established and meticulously maintained to give the semblance of an authentic account.  Similar to financial identity theft, cyber identity theft can be actively on-going without the knowledge of the victim and the evidence can be carefully buried or hidden in an attempt to escape detection.

To assist our clients, T&M’s Data Forensics division developed a proprietary four-phased approach to combat cyber identity theft and impersonation.  Working closely with the affected individual, T&M’s analysts follow a proven methodology to detect and eradicate unwanted cyber exposure:

  • Phase I: Identification
    T&M’s analysts perform a deep and thorough scouring of internet resources to identify and collect information posted on the affected individual.  Social media, blogs and websites are several resources included in the search.

  • Phase II: Containment
    Information collected during the Identification phase is sorted into categories, such as professional information or personal information.  T&M’s analysts then work directly with the affected individual to scrutinize the data collected to identify erroneous, unauthorized and/or malicious content.

  • Phase III: Purge/Remediation
    Based on the information uncovered and determinations made during the Containment phase, T&M will act on behalf of the affected individual in negotiations with the relevant hosting entities that display the unauthorized information to purge (remove) or remediate (correct) the information posted.  T&M has considerable experience dealing directly with the legal departments of these entities in its efforts.

  • Phase IV: Monitoring
    T&M recommends and can provide on-going monitoring of cyber information for an individual that has been a victim of cyber identity theft or impersonation.  If new information is detected, T&M can rapidly contain and purge or remediate the data as needed.

For more information or to discretely discuss your cyber information concerns, please contact:
Paul G. Lewis
Vice President, Data Forensics
Phone: 908.537.4000

T&M’s Data Forensics division can also provide its cyber identity theft and impersonation services to corporate entities or organizations.