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Lisa M. Friel Participates as Sex Crimes Expert in Cornell Panel Discussion

October 12, 2011

On Wednesday, October 12, 2011, Lisa M. Friel made her first public appearance as Vice President and head of T&M’s newly created Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations division.  She joined a panel of legal experts discussing the law in sexual misconduct cases. “From Sexual Harassment to Sexual Assault: Sexual Misconduct at the Workplace” was hosted by Cornell University ILR School’s Labor and Employment Law Program in Manhattan. Panelists focused on the complexities faced by counsel involved in these cases, including the challenges posed by understanding the relevant laws and procedures, including Title VII, tort and criminal law.

“As we emphasized, it’s vital in these sexual misconduct cases – criminal and civil – to conduct a comprehensive interview of the victim in order to gather a complete and accurate understanding of what happened,” said Ms. Friel. “Understanding this sensitive subject area and having experience dealing with it is crucial to being able to achieve this result.”

An internationally recognized expert in sex crimes prosecutions, Ms. Friel joined T&M following a distinguished career with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Sex Crimes Prosecution Unit. She prosecuted sex crimes cases for the past 25 years, and was Chief of the unit for nearly a decade. A prosecutor since 1983, she managed thousands of criminal cases, helped convict innumerable sex offenders and murderers, and trained hundreds of law enforcement personnel, medical providers, students and educators.  

As Vice President and head of T&M’s Sexual Misconduct Consulting & Investigations division, Ms. Friel provides sexual misconduct education, consulting and investigative services with a focus on institutions of higher education and corporations. 

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