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T&M Announces the Development of the FractionalCSOâ„¢ Program

June 17, 2009

The Fractional CSO Program enables companies to buy a customized security program, managed by a designated Chief Security Officer, on an as-needed, per usage basis. Just as fractional ownership gives people access to private air travel without the cost of owning and operating a plane, companies can buy T&M’s many security services and management expertise on an as-needed basis, enabling them to have at their service such vital resources as due diligence, business continuity planning and executive protection in order to respond to planned or unexpected events. During these unsettled economic times, when a company’s ability to invest in a sophisticated and multi-dimensional security program may be limited by financial constraints, the Fractional CSO Program can provide much needed protection for personnel, property and facilities, as well as business continuity planning at a cost that is respectful of the company’s bottom line.


Fractional CSO™ Program



Emerging growth and middle market companies have the same need to protect their people, property, and facilities from serious threats of danger as do large global companies. While their security needs are the same, their ability to invest in a sophisticated comprehensive security program is often limited due to their inherent budgetary constraints.

Just as fractional ownership gives key executives the advantages of private air travel without the capital investment and burdens that are associated with operating a jet aircraft, emerging growth and middle market companies are seeking an innovative option that enables them to purchase access to a designated and experienced Chief Security Officer and other security services on an as needed, per usage basis.

The Advantages:

  • T&M’s Fractional CSO™ Program provides companies with a designated Chief Security Officer and a variety of security services on an as needed, per usage basis
  • Avoid the expense of hiring a full-time CSO/ Security Director
  • Don’t worry alone – Whether the issue is man-made or natural, T&M has an experienced security expert available day or night

Benefits of T&M:

T&M Fractional CSO™ Program


  • Designated Chief Security Officer: T&M’s innovative Fractional CSO™ Program provides a designated Chief Security Officer drawn from our recognized team of leading security experts and professionals in all the vital security disciplines and experienced in the latest management practices, techniques and countermeasures.
  • Flexible Resource Allocation: T&M’s Fractional CSO™ Program is offered on a retainer based agreement and establishes an equivalent unit retainer bank to enable clients to conveniently use services from the designated Chief Security Officer or from other required T&M resources on an as needed, per activity basis, debiting the bank accordingly.
  • Chief Security Officer Functions: Chosen from its cadre of security experts and executives, T&M offers the client a designated CSO/Security Director that would attend to such duties as required by this position to include attendance at regularly scheduled meetings, consultation with executive staff on security related issues, and day-to-day security management tasks as needed.
  • On-call Consulting and 24 Hour Response: The client’s designated CSO provides telephonic response within two hours of notice during normal working hours and within four hours during after-hours periods.
  • Intelligence Alerts: The client’s designated CSO, via T&M’s various monitoring systems, notifies its client of any US Department of Homeland Security, NYPD or other emergency response entity alert that may directly impact the client’s business or facilities.
  • Law Enforcement Liaison: The client’s designated CSO represents the client in any discussions with local law enforcement regarding the nature of threats to business and other applicable security matters.
  • E-mail Advisory Program: The client’s designated CSO provides an e-mail advisory program that includes a question and answer service for dealing with typical security or crisis management issues.
  • Priority Physical Response: T&M provides a physical response force from both an advisory perspective and a high-caliber uniformed security force during crisis periods. This service was beneficial to a number of our clients’ operations in the New Orleans area during the aftermath following Hurricane Katrina.
  • CSO Advisory Council: T&M facilitates top-to-top meetings with security professionals and executives (CSOs). This forum provides all Fractional CSO™ Program clients with
    a broad networking opportunity to discuss security management issues with leading security professionals.
  • Additional Chief Security Officer Services: In addition to daily security management requirements, the client’s designated CSO can also provide additional security services such as:
    • Threat and Vulnerability Assessments
    • Guard Force Evaluation and Standardization
    • Emergency Planning
    • Training Standards and On-Site Instruction
    • Physical and Logical Security Convergence Planning
    • Security Management Training
    • Service Provider Confirmation Inspections
    • Peer Benchmarking