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Data Forensics Expert Paul G. Lewis Joins T&M

April 27, 2009

New York, NY —T&M Protection Resources LLC (“T&M”), a New York-based provider of premium security and investigative services to leading corporate, institutional and individual clients, is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul G. Lewis as Vice President of Data Forensics, a strategic service business initiative that will be offered through T&M’s Forensic Investigative Associates (FIA) Division.

A court appointed expert witness with vast experience in computer systems and electronically stored information, Mr. Lewis will design, develop and deploy technical service offerings, programs and operating procedures, design and develop global computer forensics technology infrastructure, create training materials for internal staff, and develop and manage key client and vendor relationships. By joining T&M he enables the company to add the most current and sophisticated strategies of computer and data forensics to its already highly diversified core strengths and solutions-based security services and capabilities.  Mr. Lewis’s prior firm, PG Lewis & Associates, was considered a national leader in computer forensics before it was strategically acquired by a multi-national risk management firm.

“Paul Lewis is recognized as one of the top subject matter experts in the field of computer and data forensics and by joining T&M he enables us to make a timely entry into this very specialized and highly sought after market segment as an instant market leader,” said Robert S. Tucker, Chairman and CEO of T&M.

Mr. Lewis has distinguished himself as a lecturer and prolific writer on data forensics and has appeared as a guest on numerous television news and information programs on CNBC and MSNBC among other networks, discussing issues such as “E-mail Security,” “Employee Theft Using the Company Network,” and “Data Forensics and the Workplace.” He has served on numerous boards and as a member in organizations including the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute, The Terrorism Task Force and the High Technology Crime Investigation Association, among others.