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Robert S. Tucker discusses the White House Dinner security breach on 77 WABC

November 29, 2009

On Sunday morning, November 29, 2009 Robert S. Tucker, Chairman and CEO of T&M Protection Resources, was interviewed on 77 WABC’s  Religion on the Line concerning the security breach that enabled an uninvited couple, Michaele and Tareq Salahi, to wheedle their way past White House and Secret Service check points into President Obama’s State Dinner honoring the Prime Minister of India.

 “The US Secret Service is the finest protection agency in the world,” Tucker asserted, but agreed that there had been a procedural breakdown that enabled the couple to gain access to the party.  “With hundreds of [celebrities] in black tie waiting on line to get in, a uniformed Secret Service officer must have screened the couple for weapons, then may have passed them through to White House events staffers to keep the line moving.” At events like this there is a “cultural clash” between law enforcement that is responsible for the safety and security of a politician or celebrity, and special events staff that is responsible for the protocol aspect, he contended.

 “The bigger issue here is prosecuting the Salahis,” Tucker stressed. “They created a perception of vulnerability that is detrimental and untrue.” “The Salahis drove this story,” he said.  It was a publicity stunt and the collateral damage will be that others will take this as an invitation to try similar stunts.

 “The Secret Service is going to handle this, they’re going to take action and the uniformed officer and perhaps his supervisor and others who were not even there will be disciplined  and maybe lose their jobs.  But the ones who deserve the most action against them are the Salahis,” Tucker emphasized. “They have been glorified for creating a perfect storm” when frankly they were trespassing and “the Attorney General and the Justice Department should figure out some way to prosecute them.” 

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