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Workplace Violence Prevention & Preparedness

Incident at Hartford Distributors

August 05, 2010

As a result of the shocking and sad attack that occurred this week at Hartford Distributors, the Budweiser warehouse in Manchester, CT, T&M has received inquiries from clients as to our capabilities to assist them in examining their company's preparedness to respond to incidents of workplace violence.  Attacks at schools, public venues and other work sites in recent years make this crime a growing threat that companies realize must be addressed. 

As this latest incident suggests, active shooters and other attackers may not always be individuals who have exhibited traits that foreshadow violent behavior; or, they may, indeed, exhibit early patterns and indicators that signal potential trouble but only to people trained to spot it.

The question that responsible managers must ask themselves regarding workplace violence is twofold:

  • Do I have a Workplace Violence Prevention Program in place to identify potential threats?
  • Am I prepared to respond to a crisis of the proportion of an active shooter or other type of attack in my workplace?

T&M's Security Consulting division --  which includes several former law enforcement executives experienced in the design and implementation of violence reduction strategies as well as the design and operational deployment of critical incident response plans --  is prepared to address these questions with our clients and to help you develop procedures and protocols that better protect your employees from attacks in the workplace (including sexual assaults and incidents related to domestic violence). Early identification of potential risks and rapid responses by facility managers and employees in the event of an incident can save lives.

Should you would wish to discuss how T&M's services can improve the safety and security of your workplace, please contact Jim Francis, Vice President of Security Consulting, at 212.514.4530 or

Thank you for your consideration.

Robert S. Tucker
Chairman & CEO