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T&M Recommends Forensic Removal of Data from Hard Drives

September 08, 2010

Did you know that data stored on a hard drive can be recovered, even if the data is deleted and the drive is formatted? When a computer is no longer needed it should not simply be discarded, as any data left behind may be recovered. If the data is sensitive in nature, T&M recommends that it be forensically removed prior to discarding the computer.

Forensic Destruction of Hard Drive Data
When sensitive data stored on a hard drive needs to be securely purged, T&M uses an intensive forensic process to verify the data is permanently destroyed and unrecoverable. We use industrial strength equipment to over-write each data sector across the entire surface of the hard drive. This process is repeated seven (7) times in accordance with the Department of Defense specification on secure data destruction. This intensive process permanently destroys all data on the drive. The sensitive data cannot be recovered, even through the use of sophisticated forensic tools or other means.

Forensic Preservation and Forensic Destruction of Hard Drive Data
If a copy of the data is needed for archival purposes, T&M will first make a forensic duplication of the hard drive and convert it to an encrypted image file. The data remains fully encrypted and cannot be accessed. The image file is transported to our secure evidence facility where it is stored and archived. The original hard drive is then put through our extensive data destruction process outlined above, ensuring that the original files are securely purged and verified not to be recoverable.

For more information, please contact:

Paul G. Lewis
Vice President, Data Forensics

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