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Workplace Violence Continues to Plague Companies

Is Your Workplace Prepared?

September 10, 2010

There have now been three significant acts of violence that have taken place in the workplace since August 3rd. The most recent occurred Thursday, September 9th at a Kraft Foods plant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A woman had just been suspended from her job and, after being escorted from the premises, she returned with a handgun and shot three employees, killing two. Other recent occurrences of workplace violence include a hostage standoff on September 1st at the headquarters of the Discovery Channel in Silver Springs, Maryland, which ended when police shot and killed the hostage-taker, and the case of an active shooter who killed eight employees and injured two on August 3rd at Hartford Distributors, a Budweiser warehouse in Manchester, Connecticut.

These incidents are dramatic reminders to companies and building owners of the importance of having in place -- and regularly reviewing -- plans for dealing with workplace violence, emergency evacuation and crisis management. Companies and building owners should also have effective ways to communicate with employees during an emergency and be certain that all employees are trained in emergency protocols and procedures.

T&M’s Security Consulting division -- which includes several former law enforcement executives experienced in the design, implementation and operational deployment of critical incident response plans --  is prepared to address these questions and help develop procedures and protocols that better prepare companies and their employees for a crisis in the workplace.  Early identification of potential risks and rapid response by managers and employees in the event of an incident can save lives.

Should you wish to discuss how T&M’s Security Consulting Services can improve the safety and security of your workplace, please contact Jim Francis, Vice President of Security Consulting, at 212.514.4530 or