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The Threat of Workplace Violence at a Pharmaceutical Company

When a Senior Executive at a Pharmaceutical Company Received Threatening Phone Calls, T&M Responded

September 13, 2010


When a senior executive of a global pharmaceutical company received disturbing phone calls from an individual threatening to confront the executive at the company’s headquarters, T&M’s Security Consulting Services division was called in to perform a rapid security and vulnerability assessment and provide immediate recommendations on measures to mitigate the threat of potential workplace violence.


Jim Francis, Vice President of the Security Consulting Services division, responded personally to this event.  He recounts, “we responded immediately to the facility to conduct a preliminary review of security systems and measures both implemented and underway to protect against a potential intruder intent on doing harm or causing serious disruption.  We also provided self-protection advice to the executives involved in the threatening situation and their respective staff members.  Further, we examined the issues that pertained to establishing a perimeter and controlling building entrances to include personnel and service entries, access control, security officer training, and other related security concerns such as emergency preparedness and crisis management.  We then conducted a secondary follow-up site visit to the facilities to assess the overall security program from both an operational and a physical security perspective.”


T&M’s quick action eased the anxiety of senior management at the pharmaceutical company.  In-house security and company personnel were alert to the gravity of the situation and prepared should the threatening individual appear at the facility.  T&M’s Executive Protection division was at the ready to provide additional resources, including Security Agents and Secure Transportation Services, if required.  Fortunately in this case, the threatening individual did not show up at the company’s facility, but the security enhancements, training and protocols put in place during the response to this event no doubt left the pharmaceutical company better positioned to deal with a potential workplace violence issue should it arise in the future.


If your company could benefit from a review of its workplace violence, emergency preparedness or crisis management plans, or if you require assistance to develop these plans, please contact:

James A. Francis, CPP, CFSO
Vice President, Security Consulting Services