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Robert S. Tucker Interviewed on the Mail Bomb Plot

Speaks to 77WABC Radio

October 31, 2010

On Sunday morning, October 31st, T&M Chairman & CEO Robert S. Tucker was interviewed by Rabbi Joseph Potasnik and Deacon Kevin McCormack on their weekly radio program, "Religion on the Line" concerning the terrorist bombs from Yemen that were intercepted en route to Chicago synagogues.

"We're reminded on how real the threat is every time something like this happens," Mr. Tucker said, discussing the events of the past weekend.

"Fifty percent of the air cargo that comes into the United States comes in the belly of passenger planes," he continued. "Too often that cargo is coming in unsearched or very lightly searched and it's a big, big problem."

Asked whether the success demonstrated by foiling this latest attempt would make the public complacent again, Tucker replied, "I think these are all tests. Every operation terrorists run against the United States they hope will succeed. They only have to be right once. We on the security side have to be right all the time."

Mr. Tucker emphasized, however, that ultimately everyone is involved in safety. "Security companies like T&M, they NYPD, the FBI, the Secret Service are all there," he said. "But the biggest force is the people. The slogan 'if you see something, say something' is so true. Everybody has to be in the game engaged in protecting our homeland."

To listen to the full recording of the conversation, click here.